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About the Author


Anastasia Rabiyah
has been writing books since 2007. She has over 40 published books in cross genres of fantasy, science fiction, and contemporary romance all blended with romance from sweet to erotic. 

Her first published novella, Rope, is set in Tucson, Arizona, at a guest ranch. The story was originally released in a cowboys themed collection with several other romance authors.

Her first love in writing is fantasy. She has written stories of angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, and even a reluctantly love-struck goblin. Growing up on Dungeons and Dragons, medieval recreation groups, and Magic the Gathering fueled her infatuation with fantasy characters and creatures of myth and lore.

She has spoken on two panels at the Tucson festival of Books, and given presentations to local author groups where she lives. In high school, she focused on creative writing and art. In college she dabbled in life drawing and watercolor. Painting with acrylics on canvas and on walls as murals is another hobby she enjoys. In the past, she has designed book cover art for over seven different publishers and several self-published authors.   

Her books are available from many well-known distributors such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.



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